Why Go Independent?

In Massachusetts, Independence Is in Our Blood.

Declare yours by using an independent insurance agent.

Here in the Commonwealth, we’ve never settled for the status quo. We demand freedom and choice. And that goes for insurance, too.

There are lots of ways to get coverage. In fact, you’re probably being swamped by impersonal insurance ads right now. But you deserve better. And that’s where independent agents come in.

What It’s Like to Go Independent

(instead of working directly with insurance companies)

Personal and ongoing. They’re licensed professionals who get to know you, grow with you, and provide coverage options that fit your life.

With the other guys, you’re just a profile in their system.

Get a personalized recommendation from your agent. They’ll suggest the best plan, regardless of provider.

With the other guys, you’re assigned the provider they’re selling.

One-on-one. Email, phone, or text — your choice. Plus, they live nearby, so you might see them at the grocery store.

With the other guys, it’s impersonal. You talk on their terms.

They’re by your side, answering your questions and helping you through the claims process.

With the other guys, you are directed to customer service in Anytown, USA.